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Combat boots, Doc Style, Handcrafted Boots, Hippie Boots 'Cat Pattern' Women's Boots,

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Cats are so quirky! I love cats but you don't have to own a cat like a crazy cat lady to own these funny quirky boots. They will make an understated statement while on you feet but just enough to make people take a second look!
lol if you happen to be a crazy cat lady like me what are you waiting for? show us your love :D
These beautiful 100% Vegan friendly Doc Marten style boots are selected by a contemporary artist with originality in mind.
When is the last time you walked into a shoe store and found affordable boots in so many different art designs. Our boots will complement and show your personality and style. When you're wearing these boots the complements won't stop.
All of our Boots are custom-made-to-order and handcrafted to the highest quality standards. Enjoy every step, turning heads on the go! Classic style boots made with excellent quality are made to boost one's self-confidence and to dare onlookers to follow your new trend.
Please allow 5-8 days while your order is hand-crafted, Your boots will then be packaged and shipped with a courier. Estimated shipping time is 10-25 days depending on where you live.
These boots are true to size...perhaps a fraction larger. Which is great if you'd like to play on the safe side. They are quite a generous width too. Perfect for wearing winter socks with them :)
Buy the size you wear most often.
eg I'm mostly a size 8, but occasionally I wear an size 9= Buy the size 8